Spotlight: Diana Hagest

Account Director & Proud Pit Parent

Spotlights are where we give a look behind the curtain at those who make working at Five & Done fun, challenging, rewarding and unpredictable.

In this edition of Spotlight, we are all about Diana Hagest, Five & Done’s Account Director. A native Californian hailing from the Bay area, Diana came to us 3 years ago and has been essential to projects, clients and the overall office sass level ever since. She’s a stress baker, a bitchin’ bartender, and a Pit Bull mama with an affinity for vegan food and murder mysteries. We caught Diana off guard, and berated her with questions to catch a glimpse into a day in the life. Without further ado, here is the never before seen, rarely sought after, and mildly anticipated Spotlight with Diana Hagest!

Q: Tell us the story of your 1st day at Five & Done:
It was at the old office, the small office, and I remember sitting at a table with Kyle and Devin. I remember Wendy’s tiramisu. For some reason I remember Kyle had to leave because of “food poisoning”, but he’s a liar because his wife was pregnant. I also heard the story of the lady peeing in the parking lot..

Q: What is your favorite podcast/last podcast you listened to?
Diana: “The Joe Rogan Experience”.
Sam: What’s your favorite interview?
Diana: I like the ones on Neuroscience.

Q: What was the last thing you ate?
Diana: A kale and chicken salad *sips Pamplemousse La Croix*, because I had a fat weekend in Boise. You know, so over lunch I had to go buy new jeans because I dripped cheese pizza grease on them. I sacrificed my jeans, so delicious though.

Q: Why do you have Himalayan salt lamp at your desk? 
It cancels out all the bad vibes my computer puts out.

Q: What music gets you in the zone?
I can’t work with music on, so how about the Dance zone? “Alice in Chains”, or “Too Short”? You don’t know who, “Too Short” is? You’ve never heard the song, “Blow the whistle”?

Q: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 
: A lawyer (prosecutor) or a veterinarian.

Q: Who are your top 3 hero’s? (they can be real or fictional) 
Diana: Marilyn Monroe, one of my mentors who use to be the director of media relations for the Orange County Sheriff (he wanted me to be a news reporter, because I’m so great on camera), Chuck (the owner of the DirtyBird in Laguna Beach)..he had life figured out.

Q: Favorite power ranger?
Diana: This is a sore subject. I watched the trial of the power ranger who threw the guy over the yacht. I don’t like any of ‘em!

Q: What three things do you need to be successful at your job? 
Diana: A balance of focused time and social time, Pamplemousse (La Croix), fair minded management.

Q: What are you irrationally afraid of? Why? 
Diana: Spiders, because when I was a little girl, my punishment from my dad was to stand in the corner but he always put me in the corner that had the spider at the top. I’d have to stare at the spider, it’d be all trying to talk to me and coming down.

Q: What motivates you to create?
For me, I get creative with writing and dance. It’s fed by emotions and for example in dance, if I’m having an angry day I’d do, Alice in Chains, if I’m have a great day, I’d do Janice Joplin. Same with writing, it helps me to release emotions and what’s great is that you can go back and reflect on it.

Q: What conspiracy theory do you actually believe? 
Diana: Oh, I definitely believe in aliens and I think the government is hiding something from us, I want that information. Also, the government might be hiding why they killed Marilyn Monroe.

Q: If you could time travel, where would you go and why?
I’d go back to ancient Greece, because (in a past life) I believe I lived during that time. Also, my name means Greek goddess.

Q: What 3 famous people, living or dead would you invite to a dinner party? 
Marilyn Monroe, Jesus Christ (to determine whether or not he was special), OMG! I want to meet Donald Trump. I gotta check out what’s going on there. I gotta see, his hair and that…skin.

Q: What are you really bad at, but enjoy doing anyway? 
Singing, I like to make up a lot of songs for my dogs.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?
Baking but not eating. The process makes me happy.

Q: The Rolling Stones, or Beatles? 
Diana: Beatles.

Q: Van Halen or Led Zeppelin? 
Diana: Led Zeppelin.

Q: What is a “phase” that you went through that makes you cringe now? Diana: I was one of those Limp Bizkit fans with all of the different dickies pants.

So you can take that cookie…

Q: What was your first job?
Diana: Babysitting, but after that I ran the museum at Mission San José.

Q: A sugar daddy buys you nice things, what does a “Splenda” daddy buy you? 
Diana: Flip flops.

Q: What was cool when you were a kid, but is NOT cool now? 
Diana: Roller blades.

Q: What is something that lives up to its hype?
Diana: Vodka.

Q: If we dropped you on a snowy mountaintop, how long would you survive? 
Just me? How long would I survive? I’m pretty gnarly, I’ve lived in the snow before so I’d give myself one week. I could totally catch a squirrel and make a fire!

Q: Have you given any thought to what your drag name would be? 
Diana: Dirty Diana!

Q: If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why? A Koala (immediate answer, as if she has been asked this before) they look super cute and cuddly but they’re actually really tough but I don’t like the fact that they have Syphilis.

Q: What show are you binging right now? 
Diana: Peaky Blinders, on Netflix.

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