Listen Your Heart Out

Last week we did a survey to see what podcasts Five & Doners were listening to. Perhaps we’d learn about some hidden interests people had. Maybe everyone would listen to the same thing and the survey would turn out to be a waste of time. Lucky for us, our work family listens to a lot of different shit so let’s jump in and break it down.

Regarding the Industry

First, we wanted to know what industry-related podcasts people people were listening to. While most are design and dev oriented, others like Reply All and Under the Influence stood out even though they didn’t directly relate to honing a skillset. A lot of these were chosen because they helped people stay up-to-date on industry trends and/or provided different viewpoints to help challenge our ways of thinking about projects.

A Break From Work

Thank goodness we don’t listen to same things outside of work or people like Jim wouldn’t be able to teach anyone anything. Question 2 of our survey showed that the majority of preferred non-industry content centers around understanding the inner working of things, whether it be about a well-known brand, the latest research in our dog’s mental illnesses, or sociopaths. Survey responses about these commonly mentioned that the hosts’ voices were great in tone, they explained their topics clearly, and are just plain entertaining.

How we drank the Kool-Aid.

We thought it’d be fun to see how people got into the podcast world initially. For most of us, a friend turned them onto it. A few found themselves ensnared by the wave that was Serial and one admitted to having started because of Harry Potter with Mugglecast (circa. 2008. The reasons for why they kept listening were just as varied so let’s see a few…

  • “It’s on demand”
  • “Helps make driving and housework seem more productive”
  • “It satisfies my constant need to learn”
  • “Podcasts won’t electrocute people or let them ruin their phones by reading in the bathtub”

The Others…

Not everyone has been bitten by the podcast bug. Those who didn’t listen to anything favor online articles, books, and online tutorial videos. They identified more as visual people who liked being able to access the information when they wanted, be able to find it, and consume it at their own pace. There was no link gathering here so stayed tuned as that could be coming.

Overall, the podcasts that Five & Done listens to are focused on the details. Whether those details be related to our careers or just the details of the world, they matter. We take pride in considering those small bits in everything we do because the small things are what make something really great, just like the finer details of a podcast elevate it above the rest in the iTunes ranking.

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